The End

There was so much more, but I will end this here.

This was the last picture I took in Japan, in Abeno on the way from my house to the station.

Thank you for reading/looking!

IMG_4767 - Kopia


Tea whisks in Nara

The last time I was in Nara, my host parents took me to the Takayama Chikurinen bamboo garden. Their tea whisk demonstration was closed that day, but we were shown a video of the fascinating process, and there was a display of about 120 different types of tea whisks. The area apparently produces 90% of the tea whisks in Japan.

IMG_4755 - Kopia

IMG_4749 - Kopia

IMG_4753 - Kopia

IMG_4754 - Kopia

I shrank!

IMG_4752 - Kopia

We also visited Ofusa Kannon, a strange temple with wind chimes. The sound they made was very beautiful.

IMG_4759 - Kopia

IMG_4758 - Kopia

IMG_4757 - Kopia

From Kyoto to Osaka

Outside our house. If you live in Kyoto, you might understand that this is a store, and that it’s open, and you might even guess what it sells.


Dancing by the river at Kiki’s farewell party


Vending machine with beer


Team Finland making baskets



Finished product after three hours of work


I left this place


And moved to Abeno, Osaka


In Nipponbashi



Flood in Abeno


View from my rooftop

Gozan no okuribi (sending-off fires for the dead) from our rooftop in Kyoto



Gion Festival: Yoiyoiyama

A couple of days after our graduation in July, the famous Gion Festival took place in Kyoto during several days. These pictures are from Yoiyoiyama, two days before the great procession.

Packed street

First glimpses of the Gion Matsuri floats

Japanese summer festivals are (like any event in Japan) mostly about tasting different kinds of food and snacks. Chocolate bananas are a must!

Water games for children. Yoshiko explained that the child gets to play and then take one of the toys home.

Goldfish catching is among the most popular Japanese festival activities. If you catch a golfish, you can take it home.